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The biggest expense in working with a lawyer is gathering information and assembling the same into documents called an affidavit and a financial statement.  For those with time and an eye on the pocketbook, a good online starting point is located at:

Go to FAMILY heading and click on Family Practice Interview, select Word format and then enter the information after each question that is applicable to your matter.  There are other headings as well that deal with separation agreements, marriage agreements, and child protection matters.

If you have questions some background information can help. While these resources are not intended to be legal advice they will help you learn about how the law affects your situation and can help you understand the legal issues in your case and what you need to tell and ask your lawyer.

Alternatives to Court

Help Finding a Lawyer

Counseling and Personal Safety

Legislation and Regulations

The following are the primary legislative tools used in family law matters:

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