Vancouver Child Support Lawyer

Child Maintenance in British Columbia

Kelly Russ is a Vancouver Child Maintenance Lawyer that deals with obtaining intinal child maintenance Orders; variation of child maintenance Orders; dealing with Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, including commital hearings; cancelling child maintenance Orders; child maintenance Orders for children over 19 years old.

Child support (also known as child maintenance) in British Columbia may be an issue in your matter and getting the other parent to pay can be tough. A good place to start is to obtain a rough calculation of BC child support payable. There are various online resources to help you do this including the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program’s maintenance calculator which you can access here:

In order to come up with a rough calculation of BC child maintenance payable, you have to enter the other parent’s income after Gross Annual Income. BC child support may be payable for a child over the age of 19 in certain circumstances.

An overview of BC child support and Canlii’s Federal Child Support Guidelines are located at:



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