The unique facts of your case will dictate whether your matter may lend itself to a negotiated settlement or may require the assistance of litigation to settle.  Negotiated settlements are almost always less expensive than litigation.

At Kelly Harvey Russ Personal Law Corporation, we appreciate that legal fees are a major barrier to accessing the courts to resolve your family law matter.  To ensure that clients may fiscally plan with certainty, in some cases we will charge fixed rates for specific services as noted below. We would be happy to discuss with you whether your matter would qualify for a fixed fee.


If matters have to go to court and involve Negotiation and Litigation, our hourly rate is up to $350.00 per hour plus GST, PST and disbursements.

Charges for disbursements include administrative costs associated with maintaining your file or starting court proceedings.

Common types of disbursements include:

  • Photocopies
  • Court document filing fees
  • Long distance calls (if necessary)
  • Search charges (corporate, land title registry, personal property registry etc)
  • Travel (where required)

The range of disbursements will be set out in a retainer agreement.

There should always be a retainer agreement signed off between a lawyer and a client that defines the expectations of both parties with regard to legal services.

Sometimes people do not have the means to secure the services of a lawyer and it is possible to enter into an arrangement where legal fees are secured by other methods. Our office is open to discussing other methods.  However, legal fees cannot and should never be secured against child support payments.

Two hour consultation and follow-up

$300.00 plus HST $36.00: $336.00 inclusive.

Separation Agreement

Fees $2,000.00 plus disbursements of $50.00 for a total of $2,050.00.

Marriage or  Co-Habitation Agreement

Fees $2,000.00 plus disbursements of $50.00 for a total of $2,050.00.

Desk Order Divorce (no children or spousal support claims)

$2,500.00 inclusive.

Desk Order Divorce with children

$3,000.00 inclusive.

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