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A simple word but full of meaning. Whether in a marriage or a common-law relationship, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

No one expects a relationship to end when first starting out. Whether you are common-law or married, the end of a relationship is emotionally difficult and dealing with the legal fallout can be daunting and confusing.

Add in issues like custody, guardianship and access with regard to children of a marriage, or a common-law relationship and emotions can, and often do, run high. In some cases, issues of property division, spousal support and child maintenance make achieving resolution even more challenging.

How these issues are resolved, collectively or individually, can definitely impact your sense of self-worth and affect your ability to live a life that is dignified for all persons involved.

A negotiated resolution to the end of a relationship, typically through mediation, is often preferred as it enables couples to control the outcome.   However, mediation is not appropriate in all cases. In some circumstances it may become necessary to litigate some or all of your issues to protect yourself, your children and your financial well being.

Kelly Harvey Russ is a British Columbia lawyer and is certified as both a Family Law Mediator and a Child Protection Mediator.  At Kelly Harvey Russ Law Corporation, we can assist you in determining how best to resolve the issues arising from the end of your marriage or common-law relationship so that your dignity and your interests are protected.

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